Tree Removal Cost Breakdown

The average cost to remove a tree is $600, but in many cases it can be anywhere between $99 and $1,500 depending on the difficulty of the job. There's a wide range in prices for different projects, which we will cover in this guide. Tree removal prices depend primarily on tree size (how tall it is), width (thicker trees are more expensive to remove), and a few other factors that we'll cover below.

Here's a quick breakdown of costs for different types of projects:

  • Large Tree Removal - large trees are more than 50-60 ft high and cost around $500 to $950 to remove.
  • Small Tree Removal - smaller trees are usually under 25-30 ft tall and you can typically get them removed for around $150 - $300.
  • Palm Tree Removal - palms are one of the most popular and attractive trees around. If you have to get rid of one it will be around $350 if it's relatively small (around 25 ft or shorter), and can cost over $1,000 for really tall (over 90 ft) palm trees.
  • Pine Tree Removal - pine trees are slightly easier to cut down than palms. The average price to get rid of a pine tree is between $250 and $750.
  • Oak Tree Removal - oak is one of the most difficult species of trees to remove, primarily due to the fact that oak is extremely strong. If no special equipment is needed to fell the tree, you should expect it to cost between $350 and $1,100.
  • Fallen Tree Removal - fallen trees are usually pretty easy and cheap to remove, costing about $100 to $150 on average. If your tree has fallen on a building or other structure the cost will be dramatically higher, as special equipment and other experts may be needed to assist in the job.
  • Dead Tree Removal - dead trees are usually cheaper to remove than healthy ones, but in some cases a dead tree can be harder and more dangerous to remove, so it will cost more. It's difficult to give a ballpark estimate of a dead tree without inspecting it in person.

Factors that Affect How Much Tree Removal Costs

Removing a tree can be a complex job with many different factors, and no two jobs are the same. The type of tree, it's height and thickness, age, condition (healthy or dead), tools and equipment needed, and location all factor into how much it will cost to remove. Here's a few of the most important factors determining how much it will end up costing:

  • Height - height is one of the most important factors that influences tree felling costs. Taller trees often require larger crews, special equipment (trucks, cranes), and advanced techniques to cut down the tree.
  • Width - trunk diameter is a big factor in cost because it can take much longer to cut down a thick tree, especially if you have to cut it down in pieces.
  • Location - ideally a tree would be in an open area with easy access for trucks and other equipment and enough room to safely bring the tree down. If it's close to a house or other structure it will cost more as the trunk will have to be cut down in pieces and lowered to the ground with cables. It takes much longer to cut a tree down piece by piece, and it also often requires aerial equipment.
  • Condition - price varies if a tree is dead, healthy, leaning, or has extensive branches and limbs.
  • Species - certain species are more difficult to remove while others are easier. Oak for one, is very strong, so it will typically cost much more than a similar sized tree.

What is Included in Tree Removal Price Quotes?

When you start comparing quotes from local tree removal companies it's important to know exactly what the quote includes, and what might cost extra. Tree removal estimates typically only include cutting down and hauling away of the wood pieces. Note that stump removal is usually not included in an estimate, so if you'd like that as well be sure to ask for it when getting your quotes. Removing a stump can easily add hundreds of dollars to your project, and it can be especially painful if it's unexpected.

Tips for Saving on Tree Removal Service

Tree service can be pretty expensive, and for good reason since it's highly skilled and dangerous work. You can save yourself some money, often hundreds of dollars, by following a few simple tips:

  • Compare Quotes from Multiple Arborists (Tree Care Companies) - we make this easy at Dependable Tree Removal. You can compare quotes in just a few minutes by filling out the online form, or instantly by giving us a call.
  • Ask for deals or if they will beat their competitors pricing - many companies will beat their competitors prices if you tell them that someone else has a better rate.
  • Choose the Best Deal - while you can choose a company based on cost alone, it's recommended that you also factor in their track record.
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