How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Palm Tree?

The average cost to remove a palm tree is $200 to $1,400. Smaller palm trees will cost significantly less while more mature, taller palms will cost much more. While palm trees are a great addition to any landscaping, sometimes you have no other option but to get them removed. We often hate to see palm trees cut down, which is why there are palm relocation programs in place. The cost of your palm tree removal can be offset, or sometimes you can actually even make money on the removal. It may sound too good to be true, but mature palms are highly sought after.

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Reasons to Remove a Palm Tree

Here's a few of the most common reasons that people need to cut down a palm tree:

  • It has a disease - diseased palms can cause a ton of damage if they end up falling. Palms can grow up to over 100 feet, and they are extremely heavy. They've been known to cause thousands in property damage, and sometimes even death. If you have a problem with your palm, you should definitely take care of it sooner rather than later.
  • You can't maintain it - regular trimming is necessary to maintain its' health, as well as pruning coconuts and palm leaves.
  • Trunk Damage - trunk damage can come from birds pecking at the trunk, maintenance crews not being careful and digging in their spikes too deep.
  • Bad Location - you may want to free up some space for other landscaping. If it's a coconut palm tree, you may want to remove it because it's in a dangerous spot where coconuts may fall to the ground and injure someone below. Palms may also need to be cut down because they are growing too close to telephone or electrical wires.

Can I get paid to relocate my palm tree?

In some cases you can have someone pay you to remove a palm tree if its in good condition and there's a buyer. Palm trees are expensive and in high demand, especially mature ones. Palms are highly desirable and add value to properties, so you may be able to not only get it removed for free, but you could actually make money on the removal! Some palms are great candidates for palm tree transplants and relocations, such as Canary Island Date Palms.

Are there any other palm tree removal costs?

When you get your palm tree removal price quote, it's important that you ask your company exactly what the quote entails. Here are some things that might be added onto your bill:

  • Palm Tree Stump Removal - some companies include the cost of removing the stump in their price quote, but not all do. Removing a stump can add $150 to $300 to your project.
  • Hauling - some arborists will charge extra to haul the felled tree off of your property.
  • Additional Labor Expenses - if your palm is located in a tricky spot, the crew may need to cut the trunk down in pieces and lower it to the ground with a rope. This will add to labor costs as it is much more time consuming to cut down a tree this way.
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