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Whether you are looking to remove a tree at your home, need tree stump removal cost estimates, or would like to schedule monthly tree trimming service in San Diego, you've come to the right place. Here at DependableTreeRemoval.com we know how difficult it can be to compare the various tree removal services in San Diego, which is why we research the local arborists near you so that you don't have to. If you follow our simple steps to tree removal in San Diego you will not only save time and money, but you will also reduce your risk of having a bad experience with a local company.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in San Diego?

Our number one question that people ask us is "How much does it cost to remove a tree in San Diego?". The short answer is that average San Diego tree removal costs range from about $300 to $700. The long answer is that prices vary greatly depending on a variety of factors including the height of the tree, how easy it is to access the tree, if additional tools or equipment is necessary (like a crane or bucket truck), how many trees you have, if the tree is damaged or diseased, how many tree limbs and branches there are, and if you need stump removal and need to remove the roots. The bottom line is that there is no standard, one size fits all tree removal service cost in San Diego, or anywhere else for that matter.

One of the main reasons that we created DependableTreeRemoval.com was to make it easy for customers to get the lowest cost tree removal in San Diego. So while there's no standard rate, when you use the price comparison tools on our site to get rates from local experts, you will get the best price. On average our customers save 25% or more on tree services in San Diego.

How Much Does San Diego Tree Trimming Cost?

The average cost of tree trimming service in San Diego is $200 - $500 and depends primarily on tree height, number of trees, and how often you want service. While at first it might look expensive, when you factor in the time it would take to learn how to trim a tree, as well as the danger of the job, and skill involved, hiring a tree trimming service in San Diego is almost always the smart choice. You would also have to either buy or rent tree trimming tools, which can be expensive as well, not to mention putting your own life at risk. Your local experts will also have valuable knowledge such as when the best time to trim a tree in San Diego is, as well as how to cut your specific species of trees. Trimming trees may look easy, but there is a lot of skill involved, and choosing someone with years of experience is always recommended.

San Diego Tree Removal Services Available

DependableTreeRemoval.com can help you with all of your San Diego tree service needs. Here's a few of the most popular services that we can help you save time and money on:

  • Emergency Tree Removal - whether there was a large storm or you have a damaged tree that you need to get rid of, you'll find 24/7 emergency tree removal throughout the entire city of San Diego.
  • Tree Trimming - professional arborists in San Diego are standing by ready to trim all types of trees from palm trees and oak trees to apple and bonsai trees.
  • Tree Pruning - whether you just want to increase you properties curb appeal by hiring San Diego pruning service, or you need service for safety reasons, you can't go wrong with DependableTreeRemoval.com.

Tree Stump Removal in San Diego, CA

Many people have no idea how to remove a tree stump, much less have the proper tools and expertise to perform the job. This is why stump removal in San Diego should always be left to the professionals. If the cost has you worried, you have the option to keep the stumps in the ground, as stump and root removal is often a high added cost to many landscaping projects.

Does Homeowner's insurance cover tree removal in San Diego?

Depending on your exact situation, you may be able to have insurance cover your cost of tree removal. In most cases this only applies to removals where the tree is posing a safety hazard. If it's just for your own personal preference, insurance will typically not cover your costs.

Do I need to get a Permit?

Laws and requirements change all the time, and we don't expect you to stay up to date with changes to tree removal laws in San Diego. When you use DependableTreeRemoval.com to choose a local arborist, they will take care obtaining a permit for you if it's required.

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Tree Removal

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Tree Removal

Need 6 shrubs (approx 4ft tall) and 2 small (approx 7ft tall) pine type trees removed in front of house. Have 6 juniper or cypress (approx 25ft tall) type trees clumped together - along with 4 shurbs (approx 6ft tall) 2 rose of sharon over 6ft tall - all removed from back yard.

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Tree Trimming

Trim Bradford pear trees - there's 4 of them.

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Tree Stump Removal

Need to remove stump asap, have a crew coming this weekend to work on landscaping and the stump needs to go before then.

Jonathan in San Diego, CA 92114

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